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Rafi Hamid instilled new enthusiasm into the internet departments in all eight of our stores and introduced great new processes to make us more sales and profits. Rafi can relate to all employees young or old. Our business will be much more profitable because of him. Ken Crowley Chairman Crowley Auto Group -Bristol, Plainville and West Hartford CT

Superior knowledge, communications skills and passion for Internet Sales.

Conley Byrnes
Chief Executive
PSC Automotive Group, CA


It was very informative for us to know your internet activities which are leading the edge. And we also understood how much effort that you put in these area to expect the future business. I certainly keep you informed if I see any other activities that will make your operation even better. But for the time being, your operations are far exceeding our knowledge and expectations. I hope you will keep this level of service to your customer and grow your business.
Thank you,
Hiro Yoshihashi
Executive Coordinator
( Lexus / Toyota Corporate)
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Mr. Hamid surprised me. I have spent 17 years in the business and 9 years learning the digital portion of it. Most trainers in Ecommerce tend to either tell us what we want to hear, or just tell us the same thing we have been hearing for 5 years. Rafi Hamid was quite different and has the credentials to back up his talk. After spending just a few hours with Rafi I was not only more educated in my position, but also highly motivated by his knowledge of online marketing and processes that go well beyond the standards we have all grown use to. A great experience that I think left all of our managers in a much better position for today's market.

Robert Post
E-commerce Director
Lasher Auto Group, CA

Rafi spent numerous hours with us to really polish our internet processes. He is full of realistic ideas and spent numerous hours giving a presentation about our stores numbers. We got more than our money's worth.

Jeff Green
Green Chevrolet Hummer Peoria Illinois

Rafi did a great job of relating to our situation. He easily found areas that we can immediately improve on. He would be an asset to any dealership that needs their internet to grow.

Roy Greenblatt
Matt Blatt Dealership

Rafi is knowledgable and passionate about his business. He is committed to providing a quality and meaningful service to his clients! I'm confident with his assistance,our e-commerce activities will continue to show marked improvement.

Wayne Meyer
Sunroad Automotive Group, San Deigo, CA.

Rafi Hamid is the most knowledgeable individual on automotive internet marketing that I have ever come in contact with. My staff and I gained more knowledge in the two hour training session with Rafi than we had in any other internet training seminar we have attended combined. Rafi had no hidden agenda. He simply presented the facts as he saw them, not as he wanted us to see them in order to get us to purchase a product or service. I wish Rafi could come in every two weeks; we would sell more cars and spend less money.

John Fischer VP
Advantage Dealer Group, Chicago

47 yrs later, in only 2 dealerships, 30 as a gm it can be hard to get excited about a new product or vendor/trainer,Rafi Hamid did just that,Wens. last, at a preview meeting (on my day off to boot).I cant wait to get going with him and make things happen.

Jim Brooks, General Manager
Crowley Automotive Group, CT

I was under the impression that I was a progressive dealer in regards to the internet until today. Now I realize that I am not. In under an hour Rafi showed myself and my staff ways to improve in the internet that will pay us thousands of dollars virtually over night. My only wish is that I had met him sooner. Thanks for the insight and I am looking forward to our next meeting.

Mike Rutherford
Nissan of Folsom Lake, CA

Spent the morning with Rafi. Excellent content directed specifically to our dealership. Very productive.

Ed Rossi
Marin Mazda-Subaru, CA

Rafi was very knowledgeable and passionate about Internet sales and ecommerce. His approach to internet sales is not what you normally here from other industry "experts". We are very greatful for the information he provided and we look forward to increasing our sales.

Fred Alvarado
Internet Director
Rydell Automotive Group, CA.

Rafi, you were great in your presentation. You have made us all realize there is more out there to learn about the usage of the internet. We hope we will see you again once we have taken your info and expand our internet knowledge so we can creat more ROI !!

Thank you,
Maggie Tadlock
Dealer Principal Elk Grove Honda
Elk Grove CA

Rafi brings years of experience and knowledge to the table as it relates to Automotive Internet Sales. Thoroughly enjoyed his analysis of our operation. Highly recommended!

Chris Irwin VP
Irwin Automotive Group

Rafi will make you look at yourself. If you would like to grow then you will love Rafi. We love his expertise and energy.

Jeff Gerken
South County BMW, CA

Not only did he open my eyes to our digital weaknesses, he provided a general work plan to become a better Internet dealer. I would recommend Rafi for any dealer group for his "slicing and dicing" of your existing web prescence.

Jansen Dahl
Dahl Automotive Group, WI

Rafi energized our team to the opportunities that we were missing in the market area. He packed a tremendous amount of information into our meeting and challenged us to reach higher. Thanks for your help, we look forward to your next visit!!!

Jimmy Snyder
Merrimack Valley Saturn

I've been in this industry for 16 years Sales,FI,Internet,Service, and GM. Rafi Hamid is the real deal! If you want real solutions he is your man.

TJ Lowe
Mercedes Benz Oakland, CA

Rafi gave us a great overview not only on best practices but some great simple ideas on how to immediately improve our current website. he is able to take the things we already know about our business and simplify the concepts as they apply to the internet.

Tony Toohey
Vice President/General Manager
Magnussen's Auburn Toyota, CA

Rafi is the first internet trainer that I have worked with that actually provided us real examples on our own website for improvement and didn't just try to sell us a new product that would resolve our problems. If you could take just 10% of the information that he presented and utilized it, you would decrease your expenses and increase your sales while building long term presence on the internet.

Eric Morgenstern
IT Manager
Advantage Dealer Group, Illinois

Rafi came to work with us and by noon, we had more accomplished in our internet department than we had accomplished in the previous three years. I must add that during those three years we had multiple other trainers/vendors in to work with our department. Very valuable! I would recommend Rafi highly.

Eric Hamm
General Manager
The Razzari Auto Centers, CA.

Rafi Hamid is one of the best when it comes to Tools, Informaton Technology, Training & Support. This is what he has been teaching us for last 9 years and it never seems to end. I have seen so many trainers but Rafi is unique and he knows the business and technology.

Joseph ( Rocky ) Striska
General Manager
Advantage Chevrolet of Bolingbrook, IL.

Great working with Rafi. He has been a great help to our company in our web and internet processes.

Robert B. Moore
Senior Executive
Passport Auto Group

We've had rafi in for one 2 day session. He has a no nonesense approach to finding ways to get make improvements and we're looking forward to his next visit. it's nice to work with someone who's actually done the job and has the results to prove it!

Joe Cooper, Owner / President
Cooper Automotive Group, OK

Rafi, brings a wealth of knowledge and resources that are priceless! His ability to share this information combined with his passion for the industry and great sense of humor, makes him a true delight to have around! Thank you our time together Rafi!.

Ursus J Jaen
Vice President
Diamond Valley Auto Group California

Extensive hand on experience both in process and managing. His recommendations make perfect sense and technology knowledge is practical mainly because he is not only a consultant, he has been a user for decades. I have no hesitation to recommend Rafi.

Y.L. Man
VP, Dealership Operation Support
DCH Auto Group

Rafi is by far the most well rounded expert in the internet market. the way in which his presentation was tailored to our dealer group with all of his research was invaluable.

Mike Franz
General Manager
Lasher Auto Group, CA

Rafi Hamid is an excellent trainer. He not only informs our team of what to do, he then jumps in and has us do it. Very hands on....very brilliant in the basics. We always gain ground when he comes to train. I would not hesitate in recommending his services to others!

Mike Wicker
General Manager
Joe Cooper ford, Cooper Auto Group, OK.

Rafi is very passionate about Ecommerce and it definitely comes across during his training sessions. We have definitely become more knowledgeable in digital marketing because of Rafi. Everyone looks forward to Rafi's next sessions.

Roger S. Penske, Jr. RPAutomotive Group. CA.

Dealers Technology / Rafi Hamid also served The Penske Automotive Group in East Tyson's Corner Vienna,VA.,

Penske Inskip CT. RI. MA, and .Penske Fairfield, CT