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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know..

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know: a very true statement!

At first glance, this would appear to be a truism, or an obvious statement. However, while it is obviously true, it is far from obvious. In fact, as we move through the minutes and hours of our days, we encounter countless ambiguous or unclear situations and circumstances. In an effort to understand the many ambiguous piles around us, we sort them and stack them into orderly piles by making specific assumptions about their meanings, so as to make them sensible to us. This is an automatic cognitive reflex for us humans and we do it thousands of times daily. In the process of doing this, the assumptions that we use become the building blocks of the edifices that we construct that then forms our reality. We use these assumptions to bridge the spaces that we do not know, thereby creating a level of greater comfort for ourselves. We do this so quickly and seamlessly that it is mostly beyond our own notice. It makes us feel better, perhaps more in control.

The bigger question now that we ask of you is: Are you in control of your business? probably not! I have experience while communicating with some of your management team and they have placed an iron curtain while keeping you in your comfort zone making you feel as everything is allright, business is at its best at best we can perform... Why not drop the curtain and start the business. Do not pass the buck and check the checker. I have sliced and diced over 450 dealers just in last two years and have not seen a single dealer or a dealer group who were not missing number of opportunities and they really did not know!! Click here to know what you don’t know....

You maybe comfortable in with the sales and profits of your dealership, but Dealers Technology will enlighten you by pointing out your missed oppurtunities.  Rafi Hamid's  confidence is from his successful hands on experience and knowledge of over 30 years in the industry. There is no fluff here, contact us to experience first hand why dealer principles and dealer executives are raving about us.

"There is no secret to success - it's just a matter of doing what you know works"

We know exactly what works and more importantly what does not work

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