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Sales Tips

Phone: What is a Win-Win Sales Call? 

  1. Customer want to know who they will be speaking with.
  2. Customer want to know where this person is from, their basic company information.
  3. Customer need to know that investing their time with this person could result in benefit to them, i.e. satisfying "What is in here for me?"


Phone: Is it necessary to use a script?

It is not necessary to use a pre-written sales script. Each one of us have their own style of presenting information and ideas.

However, it is important you follow logical 'train of thought' or steps so do not lose focus and address all concerns of the customer. 


Are you a new sales person at the dealership?

Make sure that you:

How to handle a Trader-In?

You can ask the following questions to better prepare yourself to handle customer's objections and concerns: